Where the Money Goes

 So where does the money that we give to the church go?

Our “Ministries and Mission” contribution in 2012 is £22,486 (against which we receive endowment income of £2,282).  The cost is up by £1,605 on 2011, mainly because the few largest congregations can no longer help to support smaller congregations like ours as much as they have done in the past.

86% of our contribution goes to the fund out of which all ministers are paid.

The cost of insurance, manse council tax, heating and lighting last year was £9,240.

Other local costs including minister’s travel and publicity were £5,100.

That leaves the cost of repairs and refurbishment for which we depend very much on our investments. These funds need to be kept topped up by new giving, maybe from legacies in Wills.

14% of our Ministries and Mission contribution, £3,145, goes towards central costs and the wider church.  £1,191 was raised for Christian Aid in 2011 to help communities overseas combat poverty.