‘Denholm and District News’

‘Denholm and District News’ is a new publication sponsored by Denholm and District Community Council. Volunteers distributors are now being sought, and offers of help should be given to Chris Nicol on 01450 870752.

Hobkirk and Southdean Parish Barbecue, 27 August

The Hobkirk and Southdean Parish Barbecue will be held on Sunday 27 August at Wauchope Farm. This will be the last Barbecue at the Farm and all proceeds will go towards the expensive renovation of Hobkirk Church. Monetary donations are being sought towards the running...

Annual Service at the Souden Kirk, 13 September

On Sunday 13 September the Annual Service at the Souden Kirk will be held at 3pm. All are welcome, and those attending are invited to bring a folding chair. If wet, the service will be held in Southdean Church.